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 We make your performance analysis efficient and effective

We offer you

...our know-how and experience in the area of performance analysis

We create a concept for the analysis workflow within your  club, federation or university by taking a holistic approach. The goal is to improve feedback quality and speed on game and individual analysis. Since we implement your new workflow with your coaches and analysts as well, we make sure that concepts become reality!

We develop your custom code and statistic windows to get the maximum data output with minimal coding effort live and post game. We assist you in developing custom KPI’s and how to combine data with video to bring numbers to life.
Setting up database structures, live analysis setup and knowledge transfer is also part of our core services.

We love to share our knowledge and experience from many years of working in different positions in high performance sports worldwide.
We offer Workshops, Webinars and Keynotes all tailored to your individual needs.
We help you to develop talents in the area of data acquisition, analysis and knowledge transfer.

We have developed a tool to transfer your knowledge to your players in an efficient and effective way like it has never been done before. By combining data and video we bring numbers to life and turn this data into insights! 100% customizable to your corporate design and data selection, this tool will make your players want to watch film!