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Micha Eppers
Head Analyst at Knappenschmiede, Schalke 04 e.V.

"Lukas and Adi are the leading experts in creating analytics pathways for our Schalke DNA to be easily processed by our players."

Jamilon Mülders

Jamilon Mülders
Head Coach German Women's National Team

"Our success at the Rio Olympics would not have been possible without the smart solutions Lukas developed for our players."


Jimmy Obleda
Head Coach Chattanooga Red Wolves SC

"Our partnership with Lukas and Adi lets me focus on my work as a head coach whilst using video to support our game philosophy."


Success Stories

From DNA to Statistics

Three NCAA titles in the past 10 years are a big achievement but also a big challenge to follow for newly appointed head coach Paul Caddy. There is no better way to reinvent yourself but to start with your deepest connection to yourself: Your DNA  – what do you stand for? What makes your team successful?

Paul approached us to support his staff creating a new workflow to review games, scout oppontents and share information with his players which align with their language, coaching terms and identity.

Another big leap was including their student managers into the analysis workflow, basically becoming a personal analysis for the team.

The new game stats window is one component of UConn's new analysis setup

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Lukas Fieber

I coached high performance teams in Germany, USA, China, Spain. I helped teams win medals at Olympic Games, Asian Games and Conferences tournaments.

My passion is to help coaches implement their philosophy and game plan through video.

Adi Pasarakonda

I am currently preparing the German Men’s National Team for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. I have been working with high performance teams all my life. From U16 national team to Bundesliga teams. 

My passion is to develop athletes through video.

Success Stories

Building a knowledge base for a new staff.

Becoming a head coach in D1 hockey is a big deal  – and brings along special challenges when it happens during covid times. 
Mark is one of the most creative and forward-thinking coaches in US hockey. Our proposal of building a new video workflow for his newly appointed staff with a new software within a month didn’t make him sweat! Our educational sessions via zoom and materials to build up a knowledge base in video analysis supports Mark and his staff throughout this season.

Picture taken from one of the education sessions via zoom

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